Crunchyroll Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


こんにちは, Konnichiwa、and Hello to the Anime fanatics! The Crunchyroll Party is here to connect all anime fans worldwide. It's no wonder that anime is already on the world domination, making people crazy and humongous fans. And now you have the all-new, cutting-edge Crunchyroll Party extension. Crunchyroll Party is a new-age method of bringing global anime enthusiasts in accord. Therefore, you can stream thousands of anime shows and movies in sync on Crunchyroll Party. Crunchyroll Party is a handy and easy-to-operate extension. With Crunchyroll Party, you can watch content with your friends and various anime communities anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you get to experience HD quality content with high buffering speed. In addition, you can skip the episode's introduction and directly savor all the fantastic entertainment. Most importantly, it's free of cost extension, so what's more are you looking for. Here's how you can install and run the Crunchyroll Party extension.

How to use the Crunchyroll Party Extension

We very well know it is boring to watch the same content with the same people in the same room. However, now your imagination to stream together with your distant friends and your favorite anime clan is possible. Therefore, now you can have a watch party in a few simple steps, no matter the distance between you. Because we all abide by the language of love anime.

To begin with, you first have to download the Crunchyroll party extension. You can click here to install the free, user-friendly extension. Furthermore, please make sure to have either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. Thus you can install the extension with these browsers. Moreover, the extension is compatible with Chromebooks, macOS, Laptops, and Windows devices.

Next, you have to pin the extension to the toolbar. If you cannot find or see the Crunchyroll Party extension icon, click on the puzzle icon in the right corner of the taskbar. The extension icon will be present there so that you can pin it.

After pinning the extension, open and login into your Crunchyroll account, please ensure to have your individual subscription of Crunchyroll for hosting or joining a watch party.

Now, search for your preferable Crunchyroll anime show or a movie. Also, you can watch any other video that you want to enjoy with your pals.

Now, click on the Crunchyroll Party extension icon from the toolbar. A window saying "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" will open along with a button of "START A PARTY." Click on that button to create an invitation link to the watch party.

Lastly, you can share the watch party link with your distant friends and fellow animists. The Crunchyroll Party is a seamless way to connect with others. Therefore, go on a binge-watch in sync.

At last, it"s you and your anime clan. Therefore, join the virtual party with the watch party link. For this, please first sign in to your Crunchyroll account. Then, click on the link sent to you. NOTE: All the users have to install the extension to join the watch party.


Crunchyroll Party entails some significant features to deliver a magnificent viewership experience. Therefore, the party host and members can soak up all the fun from their favorite anime.

Chat with all the party members of the watch party while streaming. You can open a chat box in the extension to text and share emojis. Therefore, you can discuss the most spectacular scenes and drool over your favorite characters. Furthermore, you can send reactions to particular scenes while streaming together.

You get the feature of customizing your user profile and giving it a personal touch in the Crunchyroll Party. Therefore, you can keep a witty nickname for your profile. Moreover, you can select a user icon from the inbuilt avatars. Your unique nickname and profile icon will appear in your watch party group chat.

As the watch party host, you get complete control of the watch party settings. Therefore, you can entitle complete control in your hands by enabling the "ONLY I HAVE CONTROL" button green. Thus you will have the authority over Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind settings. However, note that the system settings remain with the watch party members. Therefore, all the party members can alter their audio, language, and subtitle settings.

It doesn"t matter where you or your loved ones are. You can stream Crunchyroll in sync with them. The extension creates perfect watch parties with sync. Therefore, while skipping or pausing, sync remains intact. Hence you all get to watch together in real-time.

You cannot watch anime without HD. It"s a total buzz killer to stream anime in low resolution. Therefore, Crunchyroll Party comes with fantastic video quality that you would love. You can now have the luxury to stream content in HD quality video for free. Moreover, it has a fast buffering speed for all your videos.

The best part about the extension is that you don"t have to invest in anything to enjoy a Crunchyroll watch party with your friends. Furthermore, this extension is available around the globe. Therefore, you can enjoy your binge-watch with your loved ones from any corner of the world. However, please make sure to follow a prerequisite. And that is if Crunchyroll is available in your region or countries where you"re trying to host the watch party. Moreover, party members can use the VPN service to change their location and stream in sync with their clan.

Frequently Asked Question's

This plugin is a free tool that allows Crunchyroll subscribers to view any show, movie, or video in real-time with friends and family that live far away. They can also send texts and emojis to one other while watching their favorite shows together. The best part is that the extension is completely free and can be installed from anywhere on the planet.

To install the extension, please go here. This link will take you to the extension"s official installation page, where you must pick the blue "Add to Chrome" option. You will also be prompted to allow permission to add the extension to your browser; kindly click the "Add Extension" button to do so. Your device will now have the extension installed.

With the link supplied by your friend, you can join a viewing party. Furthermore, if you have not already done so, you must download the watch party extension after clicking on the link.